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Meet our dedicated team and find out what makes Rural Wellness Stroud such a special place for our community and our patients.

About Rural Wellness Leadership

Dr. Elizabeth J. Pusey, Founder and President

A practicing radiologist with decades of experience, Dr. Elizabeth Pusey founded Rural Wellness, Inc. when her passion for accessible rural healthcare brought her to purchase a struggling critical access hospital in Fairfax, OK. Inspired by the dedication of the staff and community who had worked together to keep the hospital’s doors open, Dr. Pusey invested in many advancements and expansions to turn the hospital around.

Since then, Rural Wellness has acquired further hospitals, including the former Stroud Regional Medical Center, with the mission of bringing top-quality healthcare to the communities that need it. Dr. Pusey works alongside AVEM Healthcare, an Oklahoma City-based hospital management group, to lead operations.

At home in California, Dr. Pusey spends her time managing her radiology practice with a focus on women’s health, playing board games with her three children, and reading fiction.

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Ed Dyer, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dyer launched his career working in a variety of professional nursing positions and regional healthcare institutions throughout the Oklahoma region. He earned an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing from Oklahoma State University and his Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration at Oklahoma City University, before completing a Master of Business Administration Degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009.

He has held a number of progressively responsible roles at specialty hospitals throughout his 30 year career, including Manager of Outpatient/Emergency Services (Deaconess Hospital, Oklahoma City), Chief Operating Officer (Select Specialty Hospitals of Oklahoma City), Chief Executive Officer (Select Specialty Hospital of Northwest Indiana), Chief Executive Officer (Kindred Hospital San Antonio), Chief Executive Officer (Global Rehab Hospital of San Antonio), and Market Chief Executive Officer (Cornerstone Hospital Austin/Round Rock). In March of 2017 he became the Chief Executive Officer at Rural Wellness Stroud.

About Our Governing Board

Rural Wellness Stroud is proud to have board members committed to investing in the future success and growth of our community for generations to come. All of our board members are active civic leaders in the Rural Wellness Stroud service area, and they challenge us every day to think of better solutions and bring the highest quality care to our local community. Thank you to our board members Bob Pearman, Ginger Barsotti, Dee Cross, Clara Hodgens, Todd Prough, and David Rhoades for your service to the hospital and community. 

Our Healthcare Team

Our staff includes physicians and providers representing a range of medical training and experience, as well as caring and experienced physicians assistants, nurses, and support staff that are equipped and ready to serve the Stroud community. All of our healthcare team members work tirelessly to ensure your experience at Rural Wellness Stroud is a happy one.   

Angelia Sylsberry, Chief Nursing Officer

Angelia Sylsberry, RN, is the Chief Nursing Officer at Rural Wellness Stroud Hospital.  She attended Seminole State and East Central University.  She has 28 years of nursing experience with 17 years in nursing administration which included assisting with the opening of a surgical center and an inpatient rehab facility. Angelia has a passion for rural healthcare and was raised in the Stroud area. She’s committed to creating the best healthcare experience for all patients at Rural Wellness Stroud. 

About Rural Wellness Stroud


    Rural Wellness Stroud was first contstructed in 1978. Then known as Stroud Municipal Hospital, it was the result of the community’s hard work and dedication to their dream of having top quality healthcare accessible close to home. They came together to form the Stroud Hospital Authority to make that dream a reality. The hospital served the community for decades until it was damaged by a tornado in May 1999. It reopened in March 2001 as Stroud Regional Medical Center, and continued to serve the Stroud area until it was acquired by Rural Wellness in 2021.

    At Rural Wellness Stroud, we pride ourselves on our low 4:1 patient to staff ratio, our high tech equipment including cat scans and ventilators, and most of all our caring team. We are known for our compassionate team members who work tirelessly to provide the community with the best care possible. If it’s not good enough for our family, then it’s not good enough for yours.


Experience Rural Wellness Stroud

Hospitals can be intimidating. Watch below to find out exactly what you can expect when you or your loved one receives care from our compassionate team. From our top-of-the-line smart beds in every room to our nutritional meals in the cafeteria, we are constantly working to ensure the best possible patient experience.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission

Every day brings a chance to do things a little better than the day before.

At Rural Wellness Stroud, we are working hard to meet the needs of our community. You'll see it in improvements, both large and small. You'll feel it with the addition of new staff and enhanced services. And you'll know it from quality and safety of patient care.

Today and everyday, we are here for you.

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